Journey 2, Episode 5 - Clearance Spectacular

Date aired: 

20 Jul 2012

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We got some neat fan-art today! (thanks, castaigne!) Shuffleboard Heroes
Intro background: 00:03:26 Keiji Yamagishi, R Natta - Track 6 - Tecmo Superbowl OST
  • Kevin Ghadyani - lead dev on Pulsen
  • Housepets! listeners
  • Boris, Natasha, and their coming child
  •  006
  • Wulf
  • Stream: all remixes now tagged and playing
  • Site: all mixes present in Ampache (guest/guest)
  • Show: testing Mumble tonight!
  • Kickstarters: Star Command 2; OUYA; POP portable battery
  • Atari 2600 game made for book cross-promotion, DeLorean giveaway
  • Steam Summer Sale 2012 is still going strong
  • Games distributor 'HitFox' launches 'HitFox Game Ventures'
  • EA comes out against Defense of Marriage Act
  • Zynga's Mark Pincus has no regrets on the timing of its IPO; too early to know he overpaid for OMGPOP
  • Valve launches Linux blog, officially announces Steam for Ubuntu
  • FF6 remix album kickstarter pulled (license / copyright issues?)
  • Internet Defense League formed
  • YouTube now lets you blur faces with one click
  • Microsoft forgets to offer browser choice screen to 28M EU users; EU opens investigation
  • Samsung denied a second time; Galaxy Tab ban stands
  • UK judge forces Apple to publish newspaper ad for six months that Samsung didn't copy the iPad
  • Import ban of plethora of Motorola Android products, including the Atrix, Xoom, and Droid 2, began on 18 July
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • PC - Pulsen
    • Mobile - Final Fantasy 2 (GBA remake)
    • Console - Final Fantasy 2 (original), Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Spelunky
  • Tormod:
    • PC - Minecraft, Dear Esther, Skyrim
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 6, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Spelunky
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:32:39
  • 3DS XL - 19 Aug
  • Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle - 6 Nov, $400
  • Samsung Smart TVs will let you play Angry Birds without the need for touch controls
  • Dell giving Linux laptops another chance with XPS13 'developer edition' Ultrabook this fall
  • OUYA talks Tegra 3 with NVIDIA, 'might consider' early developer access to console's circuit board
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:35:29
  • Fez patch re-released to XBLA
  • Rovio - Amazing Alex released 12 Jul
  • Steam Greenlight - new Steam initiative to promote indie games
  • Steam summer sale!
  • Serious Sam 3 being ported to Linux
  • Other releases this week
  • Nintendo 3DS gets first downloadable titles next week: Super Mario and Brain Training sequels
  • OUYA console's first exclusive game is Human Element, prequel from former Call of Duty maker
  • Fez developer Polytron will not update XBLA game save corrupting patch due to the large charge for Microsoft to recertify the game
  • 26 October marked as the Windows 8 launch date for retail customers
  • Mars Rover game hits XBLA, tasks you with safely landing the Curiosity with Kinect
  • Steam mobile app reveals a handful of new categories in its store layout, hints at non-gaming app possibilities
Song set #1: 00:45:39
Section #1: 00:55:47 From scratch - Sports!
Section #2: 01:31:04 Redux of existing game - Madden 20XX
Section #3: 02:05:32 Audience interaction - the state of sports games
Section #4: 02:45:06 Unbounded by technology - sports and variables
Audience requests: none this week
Outro background: 02:54:14 Keiji Yamagishi, R Natta - Track 8 - Tecmo Superbowl OST


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For Canadia

I had an idea - we could give Canadians some of my home-made wine (I've got enough so we don't have to buy liquor!) - could give it so they make the game "Shuffle Royale - Return of the Broken Hip!" - developers developers developers!!!!!!!!!!

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Madden Critiques

I do have to mention that a number of the "variables" you want to introduce have already been included into the Madden games. While I haven't played them in a while, I know that for the past several years they allow you to keep your seasons going forward (so you can have multiple seasons) and I believe you can download monthly/annual roster updates so you can have a more realistic experience (as long as that particular game is supported by EA). You can manage rosters/franchise and even set ticket prices, concessions, parking prices, etc. in some versions of the games to manage more of the business behind the game, which made it pretty fun. Most allow you to follow the draft (full version or speed through if you want) and you can make trades/acquisitions following standard league rules.

In terms of "random events" to different in-game actions, there is fatigue that does set in the more you play a player. In addition, weather, personal stats, and composure (usually through crowd noise) do make an impact on plays. For example, when it's rain/snow players slip, are slower, etc. Also, I lost my last Madden league season due to player fatigue (he fumbled at the end of the game!). They also implemented a "QB" vision option as well where one joystick is used to move a quarterback's vision around to find receivers. If you pass to a receiver outside the vision it increases the chances it will be dropped/intercepted/etc. I always hated it, because it really makes you concentrate on aiming down the field instead of avoiding the defensive while you do have a number of items you could improve upon the games, a lot of what you like are already built into some versions of the game.

Finally, I know once they started moving to Xbox360 and PS3 they developed a new engine that actively modified the computer A.I. to counter your skills. For example, if you are excellent at passing, the defense becomes better at blocking the pass while your receivers have a harder time making catches. I don't know the full extent (since I don't have either PS3 or Xbox360) but I know they were doing some awesome stuff with it.