New house and marathon space coming in June!

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Saxxon and I have been in the process of selling our home and building a house, and all is scheduled for completion at the end of June. Unfortunately, the closing date fell such that we'll need to be here during the latter half of SGDQ, but given it was such a fight to get this far, we don't feel terrible about the situation - and we'll still be attending the front half of the event!

Our first few marathons were either in our existing home's 'media room' (AKA "master bedroom" for everyone who toured the place while it was on the market) or the living room, and we needed a more appropriate space, especially now that we're planning larger events moving into the future. The first post-move event, at least for the time being, will be between 6-7 October on our wedding weekend: in lieu of a honeymoon and reception, we'll instead be hosting our largest charity games marathon yet, with guests from across the country!

The new marathon space will be in the finished basement of the new home, and is as large or larger than the media room we'd used at our existing place. This time, however, our equipment will be racked properly, and my grand vision includes projecting what goes out to stream onto the far wall of the room, rather than rely on our existing OLED and LED-backlit panels, the first of which actually needed replacing due to burn-in from static screen elements. We're hoping to avoid that problem, plus have a larger screen footprint this time around!

The intent of the space is still to accommodate up to 8 players for TGM at the same time, though most of our gaming will include significantly fewer concurrent players. We're at the point now where we should start thinking about an appropriate room layout for both people and CRTs, so if any of y'all have suggestions, let me know!

The next 3.5 months will largely be packing and planning for us, but we'll continue to try to stream and produce interesting content. The podcasts, for sure, will continue - we have one tomorrow night at 7pm Central with 'Insert Credit(s)' Round 54. Be sure to tune in for more details about future plans!