Time marches on, we march with it

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Hello everybody,

As we enter the back third of 2017, it seems time is always accelerating.

Our speedrunning marathon event (formally announced for mid-2018) continues evolving with more planning and hardware purchases completed and even more yet to go.  Some of our efforts are starting to have visible, testable results, though: many elements coming together in a grand audiovisual feast.  Yet, there is still more to be done, with a pseudo-milestone in place for early November.  We plan on participating in this year's Extra Life charity event, in full, and that will make for a closer-to-practical test of our intended setup.  The slated day is 04 November, and barring any sudden physical impairments, we're aiming to fill the full 24-hour period with our unique brand of shenanigans; or, our ShenanibrandTM, if you will.

On the company front, we have finally obtained all proper financial accounts.  This doesn't change our ability to move forward - nor did it slow down any planning or execution - but it is a small comfort that yet another bland-yet-important administrative task is marked off.

Insert Credit(s), our monthly podcast (for which I am perpetually behind on posting show notes), is getting a minor audio upgrade.  Previously, we had set up the audio chain to use our mixer's built-in pre-amps, with a compressor as a not-too-uncommon 1/4" line insert.  This worked fine...for the two microphone inputs that the mixer allowed for 1/4" inserts.  The third used a combo jank-hack of two lines across two microphone channels and an auxiliary bus that magically worked without too much signal degradation.  Well, that jank-hack is no longer required, as we're now using a separate pre-amp and the audio flows in a much simpler one-way chain.  The result is a cleaner sound with less cabling.  Hooray, efficiency!

Quest for Semi-Glory continues at a moderate pace.  I've added another regular time to my schedule, this one centered around The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past randomizers.  I've wanted to run these for quite some time.  Naturally, the tipping point was running my first one at SGDQ 2017 - alongside Tormod, in what could be loosely described as a co-operative experience.  For now, and the foreseeable future, I'll be running one randomizer a week, on all my spare Saturday evenings, 7 PM CDT / CST.  You know the place.

I continue to refine (and mostly enjoy) my speedrunning for Assault Android CactusTucanSam (my co-op partner for our SGDQ 2017 run) and myself have submitted a co-op run for the upcoming Shots Fired 5 marathon.  With any luck - and tons of our natural, certainly-not-garbage-trash-skills - you'll see us grace the fine internet waves once more.

That's all for now.