Journey 3, Episode 4 - Share ALL the Things

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01 Nov 2013

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Tonight's topic:  meetings, scheduling, collaboration tools


Part 1: Meetings - 00:05:05

  • Treat meetings as a morale-booster, but make sure to get things done, too
  • Round-robin, have everyone give updates in their own words
  • Start with generalities and dig into specifics if any concerns are notes


Part 2: Scheduling - 00:16:59

  • Keep a calendar with ‘outstanding’ events, and keep it up to dates
  • Develop general understanding of occupied vs. free time for each person, like ‘normal’ jobs
  • Establish preferred methods of contact, and what level of urgency each is considered


Intermission:  Sir Nuts - Byte Blocks - Megaman 9 (OC ReMix)


Part 3: Collaboration tools - 00:26:43

  • Trello - task management (free!)
    • Easy visual separation and tracking
    • Separate boards for task-heavy areas, use at least one general / common board
    • Great for personal management, even if you don't adopt it for team use
  • Wiki - heavy text creation / editing (free!)
    • Start out with guidelines on how to use / organize content
    • Ensure it's not too visually unappealing
    • Provide templates if you have enough know-how - very easy to replicate common data across multiple pages
  • git - development source control (free!)
    • Very powerful, but you don't need to use every feature
    • Likely want to augment with some other visualization / management package (like Stash [cheap!])