Journey 3, Episode 2 - Searching for Friends

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04 Oct 2013

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Tonight's topic:  Team construction


Part 1:  Gathering people

  • Starting out; friends are a good baseline - already familiar with styles, capabilities
  • Move forward with careful consideration - avoid offering too much, too fast
  • Avoid vague or open-ended calls - you'll do more work to filter through people than actually working


Part 2:  Dividing owners versus contractors

  • Be dispassionate - separate the personal from the business, for practicality's sake
  • Agree upon the assigned responsibilities - have a primary, but support with secondaries and separated concerns
  • Get important legalities in signed writing, and get all owners to contribute to writing / reviewing them, sooner rather than later
  • Our approach:  those at ground floor, with sufficent motivation and drive, are owners; all else, contractors


INTERMISSION:  Chris ~ Amaterasu - Weaving the Threads of Time - Chrono Trigger (OC ReMix)


Part 3:  Vetting people for contribution

  • Evaluate dispassionately; not out to hurt feelings, smash dreams
  • Match gaps to skills, and iterate to narrow down which is which
  • Be flexible with deadlines and turn-around time, but expect some manner of initiative
  • Pay attention to reactions and openness to feedback
  • Important: set very clear expectations around compensation, not necessarily monetary


Part 4:  Spinning up supportive services

  • Integrate and centralize - everyone must be able to communicate reliably
  • Our situation:  Google (e-mail, calendar, storage), Trello, wiki, main site
  • Keep an eye out for specialized collaboration tools / services as needed
  • Asynchronous communication is a necessity, an awful, horrid necessity